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Above & Beyond Scholarship

Important Dates

Each Spring the scholarship committee reviews all applications and selects the five finalist.  Once notified, there will be a mandatory orientation meeting to prepare finalist and review any comments or questions.  Projects then commence with a completion date in mid-to-late fall.  Presentations are then made by all finalist to the scholarship committee.  In early January the winning project is announced with all finalist being awarded a minimum of $500 scholarship.  The top Above and Beyond Scholarship winner will receive the $5,000.00 award to be distributed directly to the attendee's college or trade school, one half in the fall of the students first year and the final half during the second fall term.

2016-17 Dates

April 25, 2016...Application Due 

May 11, 2016...Notify Applicants of Acceptance 

Late May, 2016...Accepted Applicants Orientation Meeting 

Mid November, 2016...Accepted Applicants Having Completed Project Meet & Present Completed Projects

January 2016  $5000 and $500 Finalists Scholarship Annoucement.