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Application Process

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If you are a Junior at Rock Island High School and the deadline has not passed......keep reading to earn a $5,000 scholarship

Steps to apply

  1. Review the information contained on this website or the brochure you received from your teacher or counselor. 
  2. Develop your project ideas, we encourage preliminary research to ensure that you can complete your proposed project. 
  3. Fill out the Application form.
  4. Have someone complete the recommendation form. 
  5. The scholarship committee will then contact you.

How do I write this proposal?

With your application form, send a proposal for a project which demonstrates problem-solving and organizational skills. The proposal must include at least one sentence to clearly state the project and realistic goals. Your project should fit one of these categories: 

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Conservation
  • Engineering/technology
  • Humanitarian/community service 
  • Public service 

Your project should be something of compelling interest to you, something you want to work hard to accomplish. IMPORTANT: Make sure your project is realistic and doable by you, with help from others as needed. This should be a project you have thought of, not a class project. Your project can be entrepreneurial; you can make money. You will need to show an outcome of your work. If your project is designed to be an ongoing program, tell what steps you will take to keep it going after you graduate. 


  • For clarity, outline your proposal before you write it.
  • Answer these questions: Why? Who? What? Where? When? How? 
  • Clearly state the project and the proposed solutions. What makes your approach special? The approach to the issue and an innovative solution are important. Show reasonable expectation of accomplishment. 
  • Write the proposal in words you know.
  • Keep your language clear and simple. 
  • Clearly define any specialized vocabulary. Use action words to describe what you are proposing and what you have already done. 
  • Avoid words like "could," "may," "if," etc. For instance, avoid a sentence like "I could (accomplish my goal) if I get permission" or "I plan to talk to my principal to see if I can do this." 
  • Get permissions or do other necessary steps before submitting the proposal. 
  • Read your proposal out loud to someone you respect (parent, teacher or another adult). Do they understand your project and the steps you are proposing to complete the project? 
  • If you have questions, be sure to contact your Rock Island High School guidance counselor or history teacher.